Christmas Turkeys

Turkeys, Crowns and Breast Roasts

We are proud to have teamed up with Walters Turkeys this year. Their turkeys are full of flavour and very moist due to the traditional methods used to prepare the them. They dry pluck all their turkeys, they are hand finished (this includes the wing tips which they do not chop off) and then they are hung for at least 7 days in refrigerated storage rooms.  The turkeys are then dressed in their built preparation area.  The turkeys in the supermarket are not the same.

Your turkey will be ready for the oven, with a free pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary. The Pop-Up® helps you to cook the turkey to perfection. Simply insert it into the Turkey before cooking and when it’s ready it will pop up.

Choose from a range of bronze and white turkeys as well as bone-in crowns and breast roasts. All are free range and an organic option is also available.