Spring Meat Box

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A mixed box of Bere Mill beef and lamb favourites, ready to cook or freeze. Perfect for super spring recipes.

Typical contents:
1 roasting joint of lamb or beef to feed min 4 people (approx 1 – 1.5kg)
1 x 500g pack of minced beef
2 x 400g packs of our home made beef and lamb sausages
2 packs of 2 portions of beef steak or lamb cutlets or lamb chops

Buy online for collection on the next butchery open day.

Bere Mill lamb is known for its unrivalled quality and flavour. Our animals are fed exclusively on the green pastures and hay made on the farm, and kept outside year round. Because the animals have a natural life outdoors they produce fantastically succulent, well-marbled meat that is bursting with flavour.

Bere Mill beef comes exclusively from Belted Galloway cattle, a fabulous native breed. Short in stature, docile in nature, Belted Galloways are slow growing animals that are very hardy and can thrive in the outdoors year round. The fact that they are slow to mature means that their beef has a distinctive flavour, and the meat is well marbled but also lean.