Ordering FAQs

On this page you’ll find more information about shopping online and in person at Bere Mill Butchery. If you are unable to find the answer to your question please feel free to Contact Us.

Further details can be found in our Terms of Conditions of Sale.

Click & Collect

When can I collect my order / when is Bere Mill Butchery open?

Once you have placed your order via our website, it will be ready for collection from Bere
Mill Butchery on the next butchery open day, which are roughly once a month.

On open days the Butchery is open 9am – 4pm.

For details of forthcoming Butchery open days and events at Bere Mill see the Bere Mill Newsletter page.

Where is Bere Mill Butchery?

Bere Mill Butchery is at Bere Mill, London Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7NH.

For details of how to reach the Butchery, see the How to Find Us page.

Is there a minimum order value?

There is no minimum order value for Click & Collect.


Can I shop at Bere Mill Butchery in person without placing an order?

Yes, you are welcome to turn up at the Butchery on open days to shop in person without first having placed an order. However, if you have something in mind that you would like to buy from the Butchery we strongly recommend you place an order online to guarantee availability.

2019 open days are on Saturdays as follows:
13th April
4th May
1st June
6th July
3rd August
7th September
5th October
26th October (Bere Mill Apple Day)
7th December
21st December

On open days the Butchery is open 9am – 5pm.


Is Bere Mill meat organic?

Bere Mill meat is produced in line with organic principles but is not certified as such. All animals are pasture fed and kept outside, with minimal intervention.

Is Bere Mill meat free range?

Yes, all animals are kept outside with plenty of space to roam around and enjoy the pastures and water meadows.

Is Bere Mill meat all pasture fed?

Yes, all Bere Mill meat is pasture fed. The animals graze on the unimproved pasture and hay made on the farm – a range of ‘old’ meadow grasses and associated wild flowers. Hard feed is used only for pregnant ewes and triplet lambs.

Is Bere Mill meat halal?

No, Bere Mill meat is not halal.

Meat Boxes

Can I change the contents of a Meat Box?

We are sorry that you cannot change the contents of your meat box. However, if you have a suggestion for an improvement or change then do let us know as we welcome feedback to inform future product planning.

How do I sign up for a Monthly Meat Box Delivery?

Go to the Monthly Meat Box page, add a box to your cart and then follow the checkout process. You will be asked to pay £45 online by card for your first box, and then we will contact you to set up a standing order for future boxes. The standing order will be taken from your bank account on the last day of the month preceding your Meat Box delivery e.g. for the July Meat Box payment will be taken on 30th June.

Where do you deliver Monthly Meat Boxes?

We deliver Monthly Meat Boxes free of charge within a 5 mile radius of Bere Mill.

When do you deliver Monthly Meat Boxes?

Monthly Meat Boxes are delivered on the Friday immediately preceding a Butchery open day between 8:30am and 10am. For 2019 Monthly Meat Box delivery dates will be as follows:

April Box: 12th April
May Box: 3rd May
June Box: 31st May
July Box: 5th July
August Box: 2nd August
September Box: 6th September
October Box: 4th October
November box: 25th October
December Box: 6th December
Christmas Box: 20th December

Is there a charge for delivery?

There is no charge for delivery.

Do I have to be at home to receive the delivery?

No, you do not have to be at home to receive the delivery. When you checkout your order complete the ‘Additional Information’ box with details of a safe place where your box can be left if you are out.

How does the Meat Box stay cold?

The Meat Box contains reusable chill packs that will keep the meat cold for up to 8 hours.

Can I change the delivery day of my Monthly Meat Box?

No, you cannot change the delivery day. If you do not wish your box to be delivered per the schedule then you may collect it from the Butchery the following day 9am – 5pm. Alternatively you can choose for the contents of your Meat Box to be frozen and stored at the Butchery for up to one month from the intended day of delivery.

Can I change the contents of my Monthly Meat Box?

No, you cannot change the contents of your meat box. However, if there’s something else you’d like to see in your box do let us know as we welcome feedback and can create new products based on demand.

Is there a minimum subscription for a Monthly Meat Box?

Yes, we require that you sign up for a minimum of 6 months.

How do I cancel my Monthly Meat Box subscription?

Please contact us on shop@beremillfarm.co.uk to say that you would like to cancel, and then cancel your standing order with your bank.


How is Bere Mill meat packaged?

For Click & Collect orders and Meat Boxes the meat is vacuum packed. This method ensures freshness and quality are preserved. We are committed to improving the sustainability of our operation and are looking for alternatives to disposable vacuum packing.

For purchases made on a Butchery open day you are welcome to bring your own reusable container or wrapping for us to package your meat in.

If you are visiting the Butchery please bring your own reusable carrier bag to put your purchases in.


Are Bere Mill meat products gluten free?

Yes, all meat products produced at Bere Mill are gluten free, including our sausages and burgers.

Where can I find information on allergens in Bere Mill meat products?

All Bere Mill meat products are labelled with their ingredients, with allergens in bold. Please check the label carefully. You are welcome to contact us for information about ingredients and allergens in our products.