Map of the Garden

A map of Bere Mill and its gardens, lying along the banks of the River Test.

The map is the work of Miriam Nabarro, daughter of Rupert and Elizabeth, artist and theatre designer.

Map of Bere Mill Gardens

Features of the Garden


Paul's Bridge

A charming wooden footbridge over the mill stream, leading from the main garden to the orchards



30 ‘old’ varieties of apple, pear and plum trees, together with peach, nectarine and cherry trees on the orchard wall


Tea House

The tea house and the bridge over the stream were built by Australian sculptors Paul Jamieson and Rohan Ward


Bog Garden

Most of these plants emerge in late April, and the beds have a tall jungle like appearance in the late summer


Herbaceous Beds

Two long, parallel beds planted with rich variety and colour


Man, Robert Bryce Muir

This serene figure overlooks the River Test and out across the water meadows


Burnt Oak, David Nash

A striking work by British sculptor David Nash, who works with natural materials and live trees